3000T fresh coal fly ash steel silo rice husk ?

Fly Ash & Rice Silos for Industry

The Rice Husk is a unique part of the 3000T Freshcoal Fly Ash Steel Silo. This unique open-air assembly consists of a rice hull filled with slag of crushed black rocks and fine grit sand. The rice husk is a rich mixture of earthworms, lichen, dung beetles. The husk serves as an anaerobic growth medium for these earthworms to create their communities. This means that any insects that enter the factory will be met with an abundant supply of food. To maintain this environment the factory regularly cleans the fly ash from all areas including the rice husk.

The goal of the Rice Industrial Complex in Australia is to continually improve the efficiency of the silos while meeting all the strict environmental requirements. The silos were built to keep the silos weathertight and to ensure that the grain stored within is not contaminated by rainwater or stormwater. The silos also need to be monitored for ventilation and the temperature and moisture levels of the inside environment. With this type of control in place, all of the silos run efficiently and the ability to store grains reliably is greatly improved. Fresh coal fly ash grain storage silos help improve the efficiency of the factory as a whole and the quality of the finished product is also enhanced.

Many of the leading manufacturers of rice silos and grain silos in Australia and around the world use the technology of active release coir. Active release coir means that instead of having a layer of coir acting as a sort of insulation between the grains inside the grain silos, there is a thin layer of lime on top of the coir layer that acts as an additional barrier to prevent moisture and air from entering the space. This allows the factory to operate at maximum capacity, whilst still maintaining a high level of production at all times.

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