A Brief History of the 800 1000kg day Charcoal Briquette Production Line

A Brief History of the 800 1000kg/day Charcoal Briquette Production Line

The 800 1000kg/day charcoal briquette production line is the biggest in South Africa. It can be constructed at the Ziepokhel Company’s Hemsby Works, which is located not too far from the city of Cape Town. There are two main factories that make up the 800 charcoal briquettes each day. They are run by Koos Kloek and administrated by Fabio Meller.


This is a very large factory that manufactures and produces a wide variety of charcoal products, including but not limited to: chimney pots, coals, coke cans, slates, bricks, tiles, slabs and stoves. The 800 charcoal production line is operational since the year 1992 and the place is full of smoke and fumes. The first two workers who got into the charcoal manufacturing business when it first started, have since left and Koos Kloek is now in charge. He has overseen the factory from its inception, right up until he became the manager. He oversees everything from how the coals are produced, to the grinding and quality control processes.


There are some things that need to be changed if this company wants to ever return to growing their revenue and become as successful as they once were. These include the amount of charcoal produced per day, and the way the coals are treated after they are fired. By using high quality equipment, and learning from the mistakes of the past, the 800 charcoal production facility will hopefully continue to produce high quality charcoal products well into the future.

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