A Man Forgot He Was Married And Proposed His Wife!

Life turns up at ground zero to everybody. What finishes one individual is someone else who is consistently there for them and loves them the equivalent. That would generally be couples and individuals seeing someone. Presently, what occurs after you locate the ideal individual? You unquestionably wed them and become accomplices forever. Also, life goes on that too in a marginally better and turns out to be more tolerable. Something very similar occurred with this person who found the adoration for his life and wedded her and was hitched for quite a while… until he wasn’t. Try not to stress nothing lamentable or pitiful occurred, it was only an illness that disrupted everything and invalidated the marriage. This made a surprisingly better open door for the two of them.

We should check their story beneath:

The couple has been hitched for a very long time at this point.

They share an involved acquaintance and have carried on with their carries on together.

Anne Duncan is 69 while her better half is 71.

Bill and Anne’s marriage has been 12 years in length yet their relationship returns to 18 years. They have spent very nearly 1/third of their carries on with together.

The couple met in 2001.

Bill used to be an expert entertainer when he was youthful and was acting in Aberdeen, Scotland when Anne and he met. They wedded in 2007 and have a little girl named Andrea.

Three years into marriage, Bill began to overlook things.


Anne saw that he began being abnormal for the majority of his occasions.

He was taken to a specialist and analyzed.

After the reports came in, it was found that he had dementia and it couldn’t be dealt with. Dementia changes the manner in which an individual connects with individuals and gains them to lose experiences.

Even after this circumstance, Anne remained close by for the following years.

Because of Bill’s condition, his employment turned out to be more awful for him while he additionally began overlooking key snapshots of his life.

For as long as a year, Bill even overlooked Anne and their relationship.


The couple went to a wedding as of late and that is when Anne was astounded.

Bill proposed to wed her (once more).


Bill overlooked they had hitched and when they went to a nephew’s wedding feelings struck him and he proposed his ‘long time sweetheart’.

The family was eager to see them begin to look all starry eyed at once more.

They made astonishing arrangements for their re-marriage and everybody was overpowered with what had occurred.

They wedded before their nearest family members.


Their 8 nearest loved ones were there to see the enthusiastic get-together and second marriage with one another.

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