Aluminum Cap Glass Bottle Juice Filling Machine

This product is not only for glass soda production, it’s also a monoblock, integrates capping and rising filling functionality in one unit, it is basically for all glass bottle filling purposes. It has a rough capacity of about 3000B/h (for 500 ml glass bottles). It is suitable for a carbonated drink, such as water, soda, juice, tea, and other such beverages.

It has a unique feature of the self-cleaning cycle, which means that it cleans the inside part while you use it. So you do not need to clean it after using it. In short, you can fill your bottles without thinking about anything, it will be automatically filled and capped, thus no extra work in this respect.

It has got an additional advantage of having stainless steel interiors. This product comes with an additional black lid, which gives it a sleek look and increases the looks of your bottles. It is extremely easy to clean, just remove the black lid and swish water to remove any leftover food particles. It is capable of working in extremely cold temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius, which is more than enough for all types of juice. At the same time, it works wonderfully in very hot temperatures, which again is perfect for tea, soda, and other hot liquid.

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