Coil Winding Machine

Coil Winding Machine

A Coil winding machine is a unique machine, which produces electricity with the help of magnetic force and is termed as the magnetic windings machines. A Coil winding machine that when loaded with copper wire and placed properly will continuously produce and deliver the required electrical current until the wire breaks down. The production of electricity is done at a faster rate than the regular ones and it is also more cost effective. The main components of this type of machine are windings, magnets and wire. When the wire is wound tightly by using a winding device like the T-belt, it will be induced into a rotating torque, which will work as an effective motor for the production of electricity.


Coil Winding machines are much safer and compact too. The main benefits of these machines are the better performance and efficiency of the production of electricity, safer and more convenient storage and maintenance of the machines. These types of machines can be used to manufacture T-rays, generators, solenoid valves, resistors, coils, belts, connecting strips and many other electrical products. These Coil Winding machines can be built in a variety of ways to give you maximum benefits. You can also change the polarity of the magnetic field with the help of varied adjustment parameters like helical or linear axis, variable speed drive, gear reduction and others. They have got a better solution over the short circuit traces.


For large production of electrical circuits, various types of Coil Winding machines are designed. There are mainly three types of Coil Winding machines. The first one is the Electro-Permanent Magnetic Coil Wiring system. In this system, two coils are wound together with the help of a permanent magnet, in a way to create a magnetic field. These Coil Wiring systems are very safe and provides high resistance over voltage.

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