SBS Modified Bituminous Waterproof Membrane Making

Advantages of the Modified Bitumen Membrane

A SBS Modified Bitumen membrane is a special membrane used in the manufacturing of high-performance coatings. This membrane is commonly found in the roofing and flooring industries but is also used in other industries including automotive and marine applications, and also as a drying agent for sealing materials. The most common applications are fire doors, pipelines, and also sealing the air handling units in vehicles. It is also commonly found in the packaging industry to keep products cool in transportation. In fact, the SBS membrane has become so well known that many industries now have their own specialized service companies that manufacture and supply SBS Modified Bitumen Membranes to industry-leading clients.

There are many advantages associated with the SBS Modified Bitumen Membrane, making it superior to most other membranes on the market today. First and foremost, it is an excellent water-resistant barrier. As a result of this feature, when sealing a product to a surface, the SBS membrane will not permit any water to penetrate the surface into the sealing material creating an effective seal which is highly beneficial in both production and applications. Another advantage to the SBS Modified Bitumen Membrane is that it is also very fast drying and can be applied over many days to seal a wide range of surfaces, preventing water from seeping in.

These attributes make the SBS Modified Bitumen Membrane an excellent choice for the roofing and flooring industries. When compared to standard bitumen membranes it is found to be 30% more water-resistant, which makes the SBS Modified Bitumen Membrane a cost-effective, long-lasting, and highly effective barrier. The SBS membrane is also available in a variety of custom blends, enabling the user to select the right mix to meet their specific fire door, oil tank, or marine application needs. Other added benefits to the SBS Modified Bitumen Membrane include fire-retardant properties, which extend the life of the membrane by up to twenty-five years; the ability to stop fires from spreading, which can save hundreds of lives; and the low odor absorption characteristic.

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