Using WANHEgo Water Dispensers

Using WANHEgo Water Dispensers

The WANHE 4 Automatic Water Cup Filling system is a simple yet effective way to make sure your customers get the freshest possible water at any time. As well as providing a means to measure the water pressure in your bottles or containers the WANHE 4 Automatic Water Cup Filling System also acts as a seal, meaning that it can be opened and filled automatically without delay. This simple yet innovative innovation is designed to provide a convenient service for both customers and businesses. In no time at all you will find that your customer base will have increased dramatically and sales will begin to increase as a direct result.


WANHE 4 Automatic Water Cup Filling is ideal for domestic customers where time and patience are needed when filling a water bottle. With the WANHE 4 Automatic Water Cup Filling system you can simply place your empty bottle on the top of the unit and it will quickly dispense another bottle of water. This process is so quick that your employees can fill bottles in minutes rather than the hours required by traditional water bottle dispensers. In fact, it can be argued that the time it takes to fill one bottle with water with the automatic dispenser system, compared to a traditional water bottle dispenser, is as little as 10 seconds.


When considering this type of system for your business the first thing to consider is the number of bottles your company requires. If you are a small business with just a few bottles to dispense to your customers daily this would be a great choice. However, if your business has a larger client base or you often need to supply water to multiple clients you may want to consider investing in a larger system that will allow you to handle more water bottles at one time. You may even find that once your business grows and you need to supply more water to your customers that the ability to have more automated dispensers available will prove to be an asset to your business in the future.

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