Waste Sorting Machine Mobile Trommel Gold Screen

The Trommel Company has been producing and innovating the Trommel Gold Screen sorter since 1930, making it one of the longest-running companies in the industry. With their extensive range of waste bins, they can cater to any local needs and have the capacity to meet any business’s needs. Their dedicated waste and recycling management staff and state-of-the-art machinery ensure that your customers receive a high level of service and are given the highest level of excellence and satisfaction.

A mobile Trommel Gold Screen sorter is an essential piece of waste equipment for any business. The Trommel Gold Screen sorts all types of waste, including scrap metal, aluminum, and copper. Several attachments allow you to sort various other waste materials. The attachments available with the Gold Screen include a wire basket, a bucket, and waste bins which are both removable and fixed. There are also various accessories available from the manufacturer, such as a truck mount, waste bins, and even scoops and lift-off scoops.

When shopping for Trommel products, you should make sure that you are purchasing an original machine. Trommel Gold Screen machines do not come cheap, and the best bargains are often found online. If you’re able to shop online for a Trommel Gold Screen, you’ll be able to find the latest styles at discount prices. Make sure you choose your supplier wisely and don’t settle for second-rate equipment. Remember quality matters.

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